Marvel’s ‘Prodigal Sun’ Rises This July

Marvel is promoting yet another event type of thing with three stories featuring "The Prodigal Sun". It starts with a special issue of the Fantastic Four, titled Fantastic Four: The Prodigal Sun #1 in July. The issue will be written by Peter David with art by Francesco Manna. Here's how Marvel describes the title: In … Continue reading Marvel’s ‘Prodigal Sun’ Rises This July

‘Invisible Woman’ Mini-Series Revealed

Writer Mark Waid looks like he is returning to a concept he previously covered in 2015's S.H.I.E.L.D. comic series -- with the Fantastic Four's Invisible Woman acting as an agent of that covert organization -- with a new Invisible Woman mini-series. The five-issue series will be written by Waid, with art by Mattia De Iulis, … Continue reading ‘Invisible Woman’ Mini-Series Revealed