In Head-Scratching Move, San Diego Comic Con Announced For Thanksgiving Weekend

Comic Con International has decided that this year's convention, named "Comic Con Special Edition," will be a three day event taking place November 26-28, 2021.

‘Helstrom’ Teaser And Comic-Con@Home Panel

From the ashes of Marvel Television rises the strangely-named Helstrom. Once announced with a new Ghost Rider series, it is the one that survived and not the Rider. Anyway, despite not sharing the same name as the Marvel character, and at least for now, not showing the demonic ties, the show is actually due to … Continue reading ‘Helstrom’ Teaser And Comic-Con@Home Panel

The Cosplay of C2E2 Day Three!

You know they say that all cosplayers are created equal, but you look at this Scott Steiner cosplayer and you look at any random Samoa Joe cosplayer and you can see that statement is not true. See, normally if you go one on one with another cosplayer, you got a 50/50 chance of winning. But a Scott Steiner cosplayer is a genetic freak and not normal!

C2E2: Marvel’s ‘The Rise Of Ultraman’ Arrives In Late 2020

Last Fall, the creators of the giant rubber-suited monster-fighting Ultraman franchise, Tsuburaya, announced that they were working with Marvel to produce a new Ultraman comic for the West. Today, at Chicago's C2E2, Marvel revealed the creative team and title for the 5-part Ultraman mini-series: The Rise of Ultraman. The Rise of Ultraman will be written … Continue reading C2E2: Marvel’s ‘The Rise Of Ultraman’ Arrives In Late 2020

C2E2: NeXt ‘X-Men’ X-Over Is ‘X Of Swords’

Last Summer the X-Men line of comics were reset at the hands of writer Jonathan Hickman with just two titles, House of X and Powers of X (pronounced "House of Ten"). Of course, you know Marvel couldn't stop at two titles, as those series ended to spawn a new lineup of X-titles. A year after … Continue reading C2E2: NeXt ‘X-Men’ X-Over Is ‘X Of Swords’

C2E2: Marvel Weaves Another ‘Silk’ “Ongoing” In July

Silk, aka. Cindy Moon, the other person bitten by a radioactive spider, is getting yet another "ongoing" title. The announcement was made at Chicago's C2E2 convention, where the character was originally announced back in 2014. This time novelist Maurene Goo (I Believe in A Thing Called Love) will write the character, with Takeshi Miyazawa on … Continue reading C2E2: Marvel Weaves Another ‘Silk’ “Ongoing” In July