Always On The Cutting Edge, Archie To Meet The B-52s

When it comes to modern bands, who should Archie meet? If you said The B-52s, you probably work for Archie Comics.

Archie Comics September 2019 Solicitations

CHILLING ADVENTURES OF SABRINA: OCCULT EDITION (HC)From the author of the New York Times best-selling graphic novel Afterlife with Archie: Escape from Riverdale comes the horror sensation Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. This title contains Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa’s story so far, in addition to never-before-seen comic items and imagery from the Netflix series in a premium, over-sized hardcover format.Script: … Continue reading Archie Comics September 2019 Solicitations

Archie Comics August 2019 Solicitations

JUGHEAD THE HUNGER VS. VAMPIRONICA #4 (of 5) Jughead and Vampironica now know how to set their respective realities right thanks to a most unexpected guest star—and the solution involves the very haunted history of Riverdale itself! The question is, have they bitten off more than they can chew (pun intended) as the newly arrived … Continue reading Archie Comics August 2019 Solicitations

Alex de Campi Bringing Predator Back To Riverdale

Riverdale is going to face its toughest foe, the Predator, for a second time. Launching in July by Alex de Campi and Robert Hack, the five issue mini-series Archie vs. Predator 2 is described by de Campi as a "meta-commentary on corporate franchise reboots." In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Archie Comics co-president Alex … Continue reading Alex de Campi Bringing Predator Back To Riverdale

Archie Comics June 2019 Solicitations

JUGHEAD’S TIME POLICE #1 (of 5) BRAND NEW SERIES! When Jughead messes up his Riverdale Annual Bake-Off pie recipe so terribly, he is disqualified and banned from all future Bake-Offs! Jug goes to unthinkable lengths to fix his error: time travel! Even Riverdale’s most erudite teenager can’t manage the delicate dance of going back in … Continue reading Archie Comics June 2019 Solicitations