SDCC Star Trek Roundup: ‘Discovery’, ‘Lower Decks’, & ‘Picard’

CBS held a panel at San Diego Comic-Con today focused on all things Star Trek (well except no movie talk). The three major projects covered was Star Trek: Discovery, Star Trek: Lower Decks, and Star Trek: Picard. First off, the panel covered the current Star Trek series streaming on CBS All Access, Star Trek: Discovery. … Continue reading SDCC Star Trek Roundup: ‘Discovery’, ‘Lower Decks’, & ‘Picard’


SDCC: ‘Miracleman’ To Appear In ‘Marvel Comics #1000’

Marvel Comics #1000 is due out next month and news about the title is still coming. While it is not new that creators Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham will be contributing to the 80-page anthology, it is being reported that the one-page tale they will be telling will feature Miracleman. So Miracleman will be among … Continue reading SDCC: ‘Miracleman’ To Appear In ‘Marvel Comics #1000’

SDCC: ‘Red Goblin’, ‘Mary Jane’, & ‘Spider-Verse’ Titles Announced

Marvel announced at bunch of new Spider-Man-related titles at San Diego Comic-Con today, both at the Diamond Retailer event and during the Marvel Comics: Spider-Man panel. The new titles are Red Goblin: Red Death, The Amazing Mary Jane, and Spider-Verse. NOTE: The Mary Jane title might spoil Amazing Spider-Man #25 Red Goblin: Red Death #1 … Continue reading SDCC: ‘Red Goblin’, ‘Mary Jane’, & ‘Spider-Verse’ Titles Announced