Tom Holland And His Homies Reveal The Third MCU ‘Spider-Man’ Movie Title

Yesterday the main cast of the Sony/Marvel Spider-Man movies took to social media to troll fans about the title of the next Spider-Man movie:

In the click-through slide Tom Holland (Spider-Man/Peter Parker) claims it is “Spider-Man: Phone Home”:

Similarly Jason Batalon (Need Leeds) thinks it is: Spider-Man: Home-Wrecker:

Finally, Zendaya (MJ) got in on the game and said it was Spider-Man: Home Slice:

Well, of course none of them were the title (well not in this section of the multiverse anyway) and who would trust Tom Holland with such information anyway? That trope played into the actual reveal of the Sony/Marvel Spider-Man movie title:

Yep, the third movie’s title is Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Now, does that mean Spidey needs a map or that they are not going to release this on a streaming service before it hits theaters? Anyway, the current plan is for Spider-Man: No Way Home to play in theaters December 17, 2021.

Good luck Spider-Man!

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