Former DC Comic Writers Reveal Behind the Scenes Shenanigans of Their Runs!

I believe this might be a RESET THE COUNTER offense!

Former DC writers Sean McKeever and Phil Jimenez (so far) opened up on Twitter and Instagram today of their various comic runs for the company and the hurdles both had to go through. Both went at quite a length listing the various problems they had to deal with and some are quite eye-opening revelations.

Here’s just a taste of what McKeever said and Jimenez’s post on their respective runs:

My heart weeps more so with McKeever. I really loved the character work on his Teen Titans’ run. I loved his Kid Devil and Blue Beetle (RED & BLACK!), his Ravager aka Rose Wilson was exceptional (and still is), his Cassie Sandsmark wasn’t defined by love interests like in the past (or the future *cough New 52 run cough*). Then there was his Clock King. Cocky, all-knowing, and you were just waiting for someone to clock him in the head.

Now, for those wondering JUST WHO could have been the editors could have been responsible that both writers are alluding to in their posts?

Well, putting my detective cap on and looking at the full creative team listing on both comics two names pop up. For McKeever, it’s Dan DiDio himself as he personally edited the comic for most of his run (the last issue he edited was #66) and was VERY happy at the whole Wonderdog fiasco at the time period (aka it turned out Wonderdog was evil and ate Marvin from the Wonder Twins). Aka this from #62:

We all know the story with DiDio. It’ll just be another notch on why to hate the man even further if it truly was him. Plus some of the words McKeever described sounded something DiDio would say. The other editors on the comic are far tame and innocent compared to the walking jack-ass that is DiDio.

For Jimenez, looking at one of the editors on Superwoman already screams a red flag in Eddie Berganza co-editing the book. That name alone will send a chill down anyone’s spine. But yes Berganza edited the comic for almost all seventeen issues save the final one, #18 (which was published in early 2018) with him getting fired from DC Comics in November of 2017 (due to more accusations of sexual harrassment).


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