‘Mortal Kombat’ Trailer is a Kombative Kick!

HBO Max released a trailer to the other big movie that’ll be released on its streaming service following Godzilla vs. Kong in March– MORTAL KOMBAT. Based on the 90s video game series that gorged quarters the new movie does what the first live-action movie from 1995 never did: showcase the brutality and give us fatalities!

That said, a word of warning the trailer does contain graphic violence (HBO Max put a darn age-code on the official release. So here’s IGN’s NOT age-coded version of the red band trailer):

I swear the only thing truly missing to make this movie even better would be to hear the Immortals’ epic song against the movie. I mean come on. We’re all thinking it. It’s the iconic song that goes with the franchise.

Some mad genius is gonna add that song to the trailer and truly then it will be a FLAWLESS VICTORY. Mortal Kombat will be hitting the streaming service on April 16th along with release in theaters.

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