You Can Watch The Next ‘My Little Pony’ Movie From The Privacy Of Home

Back in 2019, it was announced that a new My Little Pony was being worked on to debut in 2021. Nowadays, movies in the theaters are an increasing rarity (pandemic and all), and it looks like the folks at Hasbro and their studio Entertainment One have a solution to that… sell the upcoming film to the streaming juggernaut, Netflix. So in the age where it is verboten gather for Brony conventions or to see the film in the theaters, you can watch it from the privacy of your own home (as many times as you like ace cartoon reporter Zechs!).

It isn’t clear which version of My Little Pony this will be. “Friendship is Magic” did have its own movie in the theaters back in 2017, as did the 80s iteration back in 1986. Perhaps it will be the “Pony Life” version? We also don’t know when the movie will release on Netflix. It is expected this year, but we’re not sure if it will retain the theatrical release date of September 24.

At any rate, we know Zechs is happy about this news.

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