The Justice League Meal Kit Is Definitely Possibly Food

Wonderland, “a creative & innovation studio for the food and beverage industry”, has revealed the entirety of its Mother Box, a meal kit based on Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Each item is inspired by members of the Justice League. Inspired being a loose term.

Aquaman’s item is the Ocean Trench, “Icelandic cod and ‘chips’ with trench dressing.” Thought process? Fish are friends, not food. Wait.

The Flash’s item is The Big Belly Burger, “8oz Angus steak burger with cheese, crispy potato and onion rösti and Wonderland burger sauce in a pretzel bun.” Thought process? This will run through you so quickly.

Superman’s item is the Resurrection, “A corn and maple soufflé with silver popcorn.” Thought process? Corn is from Kansas.

Wonder Woman’s item is Ancient Themysciran Fire, “Smoked marshmallows.” Thought process? Get something stiffer than Gal Gadot’s acting.

Martian Manhunter’s item is Choco’s, “Jalapeño, salsa and cheese cookies.” Thought process? Martian Manhunter is exotic and so are jalapenos?

Batman’s item is The Bat, “Dark chocolate with gooey salted butter caramel.” Thought process? The wet markets were closed, so Wonderland had to scramble for the next best thing.

Cyborg’s item is Element X, “Vitamin / Energy drink.” Thought process? It’s red, like his eye.

The box also contains Koul Brau, “Exclusive first taste of two beers straight out the DC universe exclusively brewed for Wonderland At Home,” and Jitters Coffee, “Cold brew oat milk latte in a can.”

The meal kit serves two people and costs the low, low price of $130. The box itself is described as “A collector’s item in itself, this magnetic jacket box made from solid board comes alive with augmented reality.”

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