‘Pacific Rim: The Black’ Trailer Reminds Us It Exists!

Pacific Rim: the Black has an extremely tough task ahead of itself. It truly does. After all the goodwill the original Pacific Rim (2013) gave us on the basis of a franchise. It was all but lost in the sequel Pacific Rim: Uprising (2018) where well “choices” were made. “Choices” like a protagonist from the original film (Mako Mori played by Rinko Kikuchi in both films) pointlessly being killed off in the sequel in the most cliche way imaginable, and disregarded for the remainder of the movie. The particular choice killed any joy the movie could bring when the moment happened.

So it’s quite laughable to see the ending to Uprising of, “attacking back” blow up in humanity’s faces with the next stage of the Pacific Rim franchise, the series Pacific Rim: the Black (which was announced all the way back when Uprising was in the works). The series will premiere March 4th on Netflix with going by the teaser released for the series (only has the ending of the sequel to deal with) by focusing on no one from the franchise prior.

However, I hope that the creators do realize give us one thing. Just retcon the damn death. If the original can end like this on happy note:

Then goddamn retcon the damn death! By doing so it can make the second film SOMEWHAT tolerable. It’s funny how one little thing can ruin an entire franchise, but I can bet I’m not the only fan of the franchise who feels that way.

Here’s the trailer to the show (which will have the greatest task in the world. Bring renewed interest to this franchise):

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