Skybound Realizes It Can Just Kickstart Comics Too

Skybound Entertainment is no stranger when it comes to Kickstarter, having run campaigns for board games and card games. But the company is taking a page out of BOOM! Studios’ (comic) book and taking to the crowdfunding site to release comics.

Brandon Thomas and Khary Randolph’s Excellence has currently released nine issues collected in two trades through Image Comics’ imprint Skybound. Now instead of releasing a hardcover collection on their own, Skybound is using Kickstarter. This will be the first from Skybound Signature, graphic novels published through Kickstarter.

BOOM! Studios has run two comic book campaigns on Kickstarter for a new Keanu Reeves “co-written” book which raised $1.4 million and new collections of Power Rangers comics, which has raised over $600,000. Now, Skybound wants to get in on that low risk, high reward of an established publisher using a crowdsourcing site to print comics.

Image Comics COO, Skybound Chairman, and fabled richest man in Kentucky Robert Kirkman couldn’t be reached for comment as he was too busy working on his Colonel Sanders impression.

The Kickstarter is set to launch February 23.

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