‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ Delayed a Few Days Due to Kong’s Cowardice Again!


Seriously! That monkey really knows how to be a joy killer! But why should anyone be surprised at this point? From failing a drug test to sustaining an injury. This ape cannot hide from what is coming for him. For a RECKONING is coming. A RECKONING sixty years in the making. A RECKONING named Godzilla.

Earlier this week, the trailer to the much anticipated Godzilla vs. Kong debuted to much hype. Though in its PRO-Kong bias, we Godzilla fans were as eager as the KING OF THE MONSTERS himself is. Wanting to see Godzilla tear Kong a new one.

Sadly, we in the US will have to wait to witness the greatest beatdown since armed helicopter made swiss cheese of Kong in the mid-70s:

Not to be followed by 2005 being mowed down.

God that’s good comedy! I can watch Kong die over and over again! It never gets old! *ahem*

Yes, we in the US will have to wait until March 31st now to watch Godzilla smash Kong (and the handful of fans’ hearts) on that date. Luckily for your international folk. You can witness the beauty of the grizzly beast’s defeat STILL on March 26th.

Hopefully, Kong doesn’t do something stupid that’ll delay this film ANY further. But knowing that damn dirty ape. He will.

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