‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ Trailer is Here and Full of Pro-Kong Propaganda Nonsense!

Today at long last, we have a trailer to Godzilla vs. Kong the anticipated rematch to the greatest slobber knocker of the twentieth century. Not surprisingly those P.R. at Warner Bros. revealed whose side they’re on: the filthy dirty Team Kong.

Roll your eyes back in utter contempt at the way attempts to make you root for a usurper to a throne that is claimed. How naughty Team Kong humans take a wild giant ape out into the world, where life must be corrected. Enter the order and here’s the trailer to judge for yourself:

We at Team Godzilla shouldn’t have doubted the poop slinging these Team Kong would bring, but then what do you expect from a giant ape?

Yes, we here at Comics Pit have delivered TRUTHFULLY the real reasons why this movie was put on hold. Not because of the pandemic. No… It was because Kong is a CHEATER AND A COWARD! He was a horrible cheater in the original fight against THE TRUE KING, and the trailer shows him cheating and a few times showing his true cowardly side!

Everything I’ve been reporting is ABSOLUTE FACT. All those with Team Kong should be ashamed for allying with a dirty stinking cheating cowardly giant ape.

These LIES the trailer tells of a villainous Godzilla are built on falsehoods! That giant monkey is an eco-hazard! Look at how aggressive these Team Kong humans spout such sin! “Kong doesn’t kneel?” It is quite obvious that the trailer is full of deceit! Lies that Team Kong try to spin against the TRUE KING, and we at Team Godzilla will not have it!

That stuff destroyed by Godzilla had nothing more than Team Kong personal inside of it. It’s quite obvious these primate worshippers are trying to delude you into thinking Godzilla is EVIL. We have two movies (2014’s Godzilla and 2019’s Godzilla: King of the Monsters) to prove otherwise! Kong has one stinking movie and you think he’s the true hero? Look at your hero, your “king” bound and chained by these Team Kong players. Trying to garner sympathy!

All the while I know for a FACT that there is lies against Godzilla in this trailer. But do not fear. We at Team Godzilla have more numbers and are smarter. We shall not be tricked into these Team Kong antics.

For we know on March 26th RIGHTEOUSNESS and FURIOUS JUSTICE will be served on the traitors against our lord and king, Godzilla. PRAISE GODZILLA!

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