Godzilla vs. Kong New Poster Reveals Giant Ape’s True Heinous Nature as Trailer is Announced!

Following last week’s announcement from Warner Bros. that Godzilla vs. Kong would be coming March 26th, come’s the hype train. Today it was announced from Legendary Pictures that a trailer would be released this Sunday (aka January 24). To add more to the hype they also released a new poster which proves without a shadow of a doubt, who the heel in this match-up is in KONG, the lowly traitorous pretender, with the TRUE king Godzilla coming from the sea to teach that monkey a lesson. The lesson of what happens when you fight a GOD.

Godzilla vs. Kong smashes into streaming and theaters on March 26th. Of course when the trailer is released you sure as heck know we’re gonna cover it. PLACE YOUR BETS! Okay, let’s face it. Godzilla is so going to win this. He’s more popular. He’s an actual King. He breathes radioactive fire. Literally the entire movie of 2019’s Godzilla: King of the Monsters was just a reminder of how truly outclassed the pretender is.

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