Hawke To Antagonize ‘Moon Knight’ In Disney+ Series

The Hollywood Reporter is claiming that Ethan Hawke will be playing the big bad in Marvel‘s upcoming streaming series, Moon Knight. Hawke’s long career has involved many a film, including Dead Poet’s Society, Reality Bites, Snow Falling on Cedars, Training Day, and the infamous Gattaca.

It hasn’t been revealed who Hawke would be playing, but although Moon Knight has been around for 35+ years, it might be difficult an iconic villain for the character. His first enemy was Bushman, but we’re not sure if Hawke would be a great pick for that. its possible that it could be Morpheus or Randall Spector, but those characters are not that high profile. We’re not sure if Khonshu would be considered the big bad, but in the more recent runs of the Moon Knight comic, he certainly caused him some trouble. We’re hoping that it isn’t Stained Glass Scarlet, but if this author had his pick it would be Black Spectre.

This is all to say we have no idea. We don’t even know if Oscar Isaac is a lock to play Moon Knight either. We probably have many more phases of the moon to find out though, as no start date has been announced for the Disney+ series.

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