New York Toy Fair 2021 Canceled!

COVID-19┬áhas already struck down a major convention for this year. A yearly tradition next month would have been the New York Toy Fair (as we’ve been covering the convention since the all the way when the first began), but not so this year. Today, the organization that runs the fair where companies like Hasbro, Mattel, NECA, McFarlane, and others showcase toys (and sometimes statues which is basically the case for McFarlane Toys) of items all geeks drool over the mouth in anticipation for release for summer to the fall of this year.

Well, it looks like we’ll still be waiting on that (though Hasbro, NECA, and McFarlane Toys have adapted in releasing figures via online hype in livestreams or their various accounts). Mattel that means Thursday is all your’s. I can see it now. “BY THE POWER OF THURSDAY!” It just rolls off the tongue.

One company already is trying to fill that void is Funko! who announced they’re doing a fair revealing all the goodies they intent to release in 2021:

Look Funko!, I just want two Cassandra Cains (Batgirl: masked and unmasked) and a Stephanie Brown (Spoiler and a variant Batgirl). The fact that you’ve failed me day in and day out by not giving me this and making a Cyborg Superman Funko Pop so damn hard to find last year. Like seriously, why’d you have to make that an SDCC exclusive?! I went to three Targets that said online they had some in stock and all three told me they sold out by the morning. Seriously, Funko you’re killing any attention I had in wanting your stuff.

Now Hasbro, save for when it comes to G.I. Joe Classified figures (oh those Target exclusives hurt). You are my bread and butter. Come on man. Step up! Like Mattel is doing this year. They’re giving us so many glorious Masters of the Universe figures. All I need to know is will we be getting a King Hiss this year for Masters of the Universe Origins? More, I wants to know if Mattel is gonna tackle a new Snake Mountain?! These are things I needs to know.

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