Moment of the Year – 2020 Winner

It seems one cannot stop the power of Cassandra Cain when it comes to these Moments of the year polls. For the last three years, the character has had a stranglehold on the top position. Though this year a moment from Marvel ALMOST defeated the character. Almost… But this year featured A LOT of moments featuring the character. Almost as if.. there was a CAINAISSANCE going on in 2020 with the character.

To be honest, I’m a bit surprised at which Marvel moment it was, given at the start of polling one was neck and neck with the winner before it petered out, and then another which eventually got second place ran past it. Sadly that moment was “I know ya know what time it is.” – Immortal Hulk #40 (which had 8 votes and ended up in a six-way tie (two of those moments being from Transformers vs. Terminator, Shadow of the Batgirl, the ending to DCeased: Unkillables, and Injustice Year Zero) for #6 after fizzling out after the first week). Since two of those count as Indie Moment of the Year, I’m gonna pull a Troy and cast a special vote so that I can declare the WINNER of Indie Moment of the Year 2020 is:

Starscream gonna Starscream. – Transformers vs. the Terminator #3 (8 votes)

It was also a first in a long time with the Moment of the Year (225 votes) having more votes than Maddening Moment of the Year (215 votes).

But a particular moment of Cassandra’s this year had the added bonus of being in one of the biggest DC Comics this year. But enough teasing, let me reveal the runner ups aka the four that came close, but just couldn’t attain the top spot.

#5 in a two-way tie is Jason Todd kills a Joker. – Batman: Three Jokers #1 and Wiccan and Hulkling get married. Avengers Empyre: Aftermath #1 (9 votes each). Two moments which really were some banger moments this year. In all honesty, I’m surprised they didn’t rank higher. But then again, I think I might know why the next one got ahead by a single vote.

#4 Lady Shiva and Cassandra Cain. Mother and daughter. Team-Up at long last. – Batman & the Outsiders #11 (10 votes). Look, I know a lot of you hated that this comic got Moment of the Year last year. But for me and one other, this moment meant a lot to us. For me, this was my favorite moment of this year. For too long these two characters have been at each other’s throats. Ever since the revelation that Shiva was Cassandra’s mother, two of us wanted more development. We go that this year starting here. But I know a lot of other Cassandra fans were putting their ducks in two other moments.

#3 A two-way tie with “Our symbol.” – Batman: Joker War Zone #1 and “I am Cassandra Cain. This is me now.” – Shadow of the Batgirl #1 (11 votes each). Yes, the tag-team duo of Cassandra and Stephanie Brown almost did it again this year with their moment in the one-shot as they became Batgirls again. But this year they were undone by a Marvel moment and well a moment that was just too much.

Likewise, I’m kind of sad this moment from Shadow of the Batgirl didn’t win. Again, this was another moment I was rooting for. Shadow of the Batgirl though it came out early in 2020 was still my favorite comic of that year. But I digress I know in my heart that these two moments really are superior jaw-dropping moments.

#2 Elektra becomes the new Daredevil. – #Daredevil #25 (13 votes). In the second week of the poll this moment just took off, and by the end of the poll almost toppled the #1. Almost, but well the power of our #1 was just too strong.

So what moment of this year that featured Cassandra Cain was just too strong? That it was able to still topple that moment from Marvel above? What was the #1 Moment of the Year for 2020? Isn’t it obvious? With 16 votes that moment was the WINNER IS.. *ahem* CUE THAT EPIC DRUMROLL!

CAZZAM! – DCeased: Dead Planet #5

Cassandra Cain + Zombies + writer Tom Taylor + an idea of giving a character an insane power boast = people are gonna vote this like no other moment this year. In all honesty, yeah. This moment out of all the Cassandra Cain moments does actually feel like it does deserve Moment of the Year. Will some agree with this or not? Of course! I fully expect fans are gonna complain no matter what.

So there you have it. What will 2021 bring us? Well, I wanted it to be a year of DOOM, and dammit did that ongoing disappoint me in that regard near the end of its run. *sniff* Truly a tragedy. On the other hand, I’m kind of startled nothing from Spider-Man landed anywhere near the top five this year. Then again, Kindred’s reveal did come somewhat late. Also, it has been a average year for Spider-Man comics. Like, ever since the Kraven arc, Nick Spencer has been just building and building to this moment which people have been screaming, “JUST GET TO IT ALREADY!”

I’m really curious what 2021 will bring but I get the feeling already Marvel already delivered a whopper of a Moment to start this year bringing back Flash Thompson as Anti-Venom in the King of Black event just this week. I really wonder if that means it’ll truly be Marvel’s year in 2021? I guess we’ll find out.


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