BOOM! One Step Further To Becoming Kickstarter-Based Publisher With New Power Rangers Campaign

Last September, BOOM! Studios launched a Kickstarter for BRZRKR, a comic “co-written” by Keanu Reeves and Matt Kindt. The publisher’s reasoning was that they just want to increase readership and tap into that sweet, sweet speculator and collector market, so when the series is adapted into a trilogy starring Keanu, it might be worth something.

Now the publisher, which has Fox investment money, has launched a new Kickstarter because if they can put the risk on the consumer instead of themselves, they’re going to.

The Kickstarter is for complete collections of their Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comics. What makes this worse is that none of this is new material, except for an original short story in each volume.

The lowest pledge tier with a reward is $100 for a single hardcover with an expected delivery date of April 2022. If you’ve got $5,000 burning a hole in your pocket, you can get all six hardcover volumes, a Megazord display standee, and yourself drawn into a Power Rangers comic. BOOM! does have six Power Rangers actors on board, but that doesn’t explain the higher prices as you can usually get an autograph from them at any Long Beach Comic Con in exchange for a hotdog.

Additionally, none of the tiers include shipping, so make sure you figure that in.

BOOM! has blasted past its goal of $50,000 and is nearing $150,000 in just two days. That’s one way to keep investors happy.

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