Poll: Most Maddening Moment of the Year- 2020

This article I bet is almost a welcome relief and sight for once hasn’t it? FOR AT LONG LAST HAS COME FOR THE AGE-OLD TRADITION! For this year 2020 was truly a year that makes me go to all of you:

Yes, I can already feel you already screaming at the top of your lungs on why _____ wasn’t listed on the poll below. But that has always been the fun of this poll hasn’t it my dear reader? I ALWAYS update. I ALWAYS make sure that rage is ticking fully in this thread for you to pour into.

There’s so much this most spiteful year gave us. SO VERY MUCH. It’s all over the place the madness. The hate. The rage. As always am your conduit. FEED INTO ME what ailed you the most this year!

As always I’ve already compiled a list. A list that no doubt you will find mostly adequate. That features SO MUCH that has happened this year. That 2020 this single year feels like a decade onto itself.

But we’re finally in the home stretch. For this poll will remain open until January 6th around 6 pm (Central). Then on January 7th, I shall reveal the most malicious. Most maddening moments of this year to you dear reader.

As always there are a few moments from comics that are below. So a…

Is in effect.

Here it is my dear readers. The poll to which you can decide which truly was the most MADDENING MOMENT IN 2020:

See you January 7th with the results dear readers. Until then…

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