Poll: Moment of the Year – 2020

WINNER Moment of the Year 2019:

“I free… now.” – Batman & the Outsiders #7

So the last few years, Cassandra Cain from DC Comics has owned these polls. I cannot help it. I am merely an innocent man who just happens to know a lot of Cassandra Cain fans. Yes, there are a few moments this year of the character sprinkled throughout with ONE MOMENT, in particular, that’ll no doubt be voted a lot of times. That said I’ve made sure only to list only five moments of the character (hey I’m being nice here. I could have put twenty unlike the Immortal Hulk which I keep sliding in here THANK YOU VERY MUCH!).

But I made sure to sprinkle in A LOT of moments that this year had going for it through various comics. We had THREE DCeased comics (DCeased Unkillables, DCeased: Hope at World’s End, and DCeased: Dead Planet) running wild, the usual standard events (Joker War, Death Metal, X of Swords, King in Black).

Soooo what will win this year? What was nominated besides those above? LET’S REVEAL OUR NOMINATIONS FOR MOMENT OF THE YEAR 2020:

The poll will be up until January 6th and the winner will be revealed the very next day on the 7th (unless of course real life throws me a curve ball). If I missed a moment that you loved, please rag on me. Leave a comment, message me in the forums (or my Twitter), and of course vote. VOTE!

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