In Team Up No One Asked For, Valiant Entertainment Partners With US Open Cricket Council

Quick. Who’s your favorite American cricket player? Your answer is probably, “What’s cricket?” Quick. Who’s your favorite Valiant character? Your answer is still probably, “What’s cricket?”

But when you think of honoring first responders, of course the immediate thing to come to mind is both Valiant Entertainment and the US Open Cricket Council. The storyboard publishing company and the organization that’s kind of like baseball but the bat is flat like one of those sex paddles are teaming to pay tribute to first responders.

Chairman and CEO of CCUSA, Mahammad Qureshi said, “Bringing Valiant’s pop culture superheroes and the US Open Cricket’s sports heroes’ huge audiences together to salute first responders is a cause that will be heard around the world. This relationship will also bring lots of fun download activities for families to participate in while enjoying the fastest growing sport in the world, US Open Cricket!”

Expect players such as Saurabh Netravalkar to appear as Circle Chest or Rusty Theron to use Ninjak’s sword instead of that flat bat, you bad, bad boy.

The US Open (not the golf one) runs from December 15-20, 2020.

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