‘Batman: Soul of the Dragon’ Trailer Will Batsmack You!

As we near the end of 2020, Warner Bros. is amping up their DC animated movies for the new year starting with Batman: Soul of the Dragon. The movie which on the surface looks like a homage to 70s kung fu films while does take inspiration with this, but also the comic book runs of Denny O’Neill on Batman and Richard Dragon: Kung Fu Fighter.

But hey when you have Black Dynamite himself, Michael Jai White reprising his role as Ben Turner (who he played on Arrow), I get that. But really as you can see in the trailer the true scene-stealer is Lady Shiva (Kelly Hu reprising the role she originally portrayed in Batman: Arkham Origins). Add Mark Dacascos as Richard Dragon and James Hong as O-Sensei. Yeah… I’m already buying this movie the first chance I get.

Here’s the trailer (courtesy of IGN):

Batman: Soul of the Dragon will be released digitally on January 12th and on Blu-Ray/DVD and combo packs on January 26th.

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