Super! CW Developing A ‘Wonder Girl’ Series (Not That Wonder Girl)

With CW‘s Supergirl series coming to an end with its sixth season, it appears that the network will be looking for a new series from the DC universe. It’s been revealed that they are developing a new series with the character of Wonder Girl as its star. However, it is not one of the Wonder Girl characters you already know, in fact she hasn’t appeared in the comics yet.

The Wonder Girl that they are working on isn’t even known as Wonder Girl in the upcoming comic’s solicitation. The character is the focus of one of the titles of the upcoming Future State event. This version of Wonder Girl will be starring in January 2021’s Future State: Wonder Woman #1, and here is the solicitation text for that issue:

Deep in the heart of the Amazon rainforest lies a hero of mythic legend…Wonder Woman! But in the absence of Diana, Yara Flor has risen out of obscurity to protect Man’s World from the magic that lies within it. Along with her trusty steed, she journeys to the Underworld to rescue one of her Themysciran sisters from the grasp of Hades. Will she unleash the wrath of this god in the process? You won’t want to miss this first appearance of a character who will change the history of Wonder Woman forever!

So the new Wonder Girl will be the character Yara Flor, which the reporters of the news are touting as “the first Latina superhero title character of a DC TV series”. The TV series says that Flor is the product of an Amazonian Warrior and a Brazilian River God. The series will tell the origin of the character. Wonder Girl will be headed by Dailyn Rodriguez and Berlanti Productions. Berlanti Productions will also be handling another Warner Bros. property — The Powerpuff Girlsgritty live-action sequel. {{shudder}}

It’s unknown when Wonder Girl will air. Hopefully the Future State comic warrants its own series.

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