The ‘Transformers’ Instagram Teases An ‘X-Men’ X-Over (Updated)

In 2019, the Transformers franchise teased a collaboration with the Ghostbusters franchise which resulted in a toy and a comic mini-series by IDW. This past Summer it the Transformers teased a collaboration with Back to the Future, which also resulted in a toy and a comic mini-series. Although it is still 2020, the Transformers are already teasing their next collaboration due out in 2021: the X-Men!

If this collaboration goes as the previous two have, we can expect a transforming toy as a result (looks like it might be the X-Men’s jet, the Blackbird) and possibly a comic mini-series published by IDW.

We’ll keep our optic sensors peeled…

UPDATED (11/17/20):

That didn’t take long. The social media channels for Transformers (Instagram and Facebook) revealed the toy. It is a rather stylized SR-71 Blackbird (not like the teaser image), exuding 90s X-Men style. The bot’s name is Ultimate X-Spanse and it’s pre-orderable from Target right now. TFW2005 has more details about the toy.

Now will it get a comic crossover like Back to the Future and Ghostbusters? Or just be a toy like Top Gun?


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