DCeased? More Layoffs Hit DC Comics!

After a bloody summer day which gutted DC Comics of a ton of its leadership, yesterday marked another round of layoffs hitting the company as Warner Bros continues purging staff from various avenues thanks to the crazy year that is 2020.

The names this time were Michelle Wells, (who just a few months ago was announced co-Editor at the company with the now sole editor in chief Marie Javins). Prior to the co-editing job of the company, Wells ran the Young Adult line of graphic novels for the company.

Also, let go were Alex Carr (a group editor on DC’s Justice League comics), Lissette Osterloh (VP digital marketing & events), Sandy Yi (SVP, Global Franchise Managemen), long time DC veterans Stuart Schreck (sales manager), Fletcher Chu-Fong (events manager), and Adam Philips (marketing service director).

These moves will not quiet the rumors that DC might be pulling out of the direct market. Meaning March 2021 will be looked at even further with a magnifying glass as that’ll follow after the “Future Slate” event. The event will hit all main-line comics in the company starting January and lasting until all of February.

A relaunch of many of the comics in the line are to be expected, but with these layoffs. This DC Comics fan is getting increasingly worried about the future of this company.


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  1. This is worrying news…although could it mean they just start publishing big stories like Trade Paperbacks and Deluxe Editions and skip the monthly single issues? Personally I haven’t collected single issues since I was a kid, I just buy Trades, Deluxes, and Omnis. But a move like that wouldn’t justify firing everyone…so who knows what’s going on.

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