That Pesky Chaos Magic Puts ‘WandaVision’ Back To A 2021 Launch Date

When WandaVision, the streaming series featuring Scarlet Witch and Vision, was first announced it came with a Spring 2021 launch window. In January 2020, the streaming service Disney+ updated the show’s status, saying it would arrive in 2020. Well, we finally have a start date for the series and… it is in 2021.

Marvel, the WandaVision Twitter account, and Disney+ all posted the same tweet that the show will be arriving January 15, 2021.

With Black Widow and Eternals pushed out of 2020, and now WandaVision (and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier) this makes it a bye year for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Here’s to a better 2021.

If you are sad about missing WandaVision this year, you can always watch the trailer again, or read about it in Entertainment Weekly.

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