Hasbro Plots ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ Return To The Small Screen

It looks like the world-famous role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), will be making its way back to the small screen. We don’t mean that they will be publishing a mini version of the Dungeon Master’s screen, no, it looks like Hasbro is planning for Dungeons & Dragons to be on TV (or other displays) once again.

During an earning conference call, Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner said that the company was working on “…a couple of different approaches because there is so much mythology in canon to Dungeons & Dragons for live action television.” Though D&D has had a live-action movie and a TV sequel on Sci-Fi, probably the most popular non-game incarnation was the animated TV series from 1983. Will a live-action TV (or streamed) series finally bring the fun and adventure of the games? We hope they do not roll a natural 1.

Warner Bros. is also supposed to be working on a new live-action D&D movie, but it’s been kind of quiet on that front and may be in that development Baator.

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