Familiar Faces Dot ‘Godzilla S.P’ Anime Teaser (Updated)

Earlier this month, Toho and Netflix announced that a new Godzilla anime series was in the works. The new project was named Godzilla S.P <Singular Point>, and though the new creative team were announced along with a couple of concept art pieces, not much else was revealed about it.

Well, fast forward almost a month and though we still don’t know much about it, Toho went ahead and posted a teaser trailer (in their words, a preview) for it. Though it is in Japanese, it already looks like a more familiar work than the first anime series, which took place in a distant future and featured familiar names, but not really resembling what we know.

Take a look at the preview and tell us how many familiar kaiju you spotted:

The Godzilla S.P Twitter feed also posted a teaser visual for the series featuring the (ugh) human characters:

Godzilla S.P <Singular Point> should hit Netflix worldwide in April 2021.

UPDATE: English Trailer and poster available:

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