Sign Of The Apocalypse? Isaac In Negotiations For ‘Moon Knight’ Role

Last year, Disney announced three new series added to the Marvel slate on their streaming platform, Disney+. One of those series will feature the multiple-personality costumed hero, granted new life and powers by Egyptian god Khonshu, Moon Knight. If Deadline has it correct, Marvel and Disney are targeting Oscar Isaac to play the role of Marc Spector, aka. Moon Knight (and several other identities) for the small screen.

According to the entertainment site, Issac is currently in negotiations to play Moon Knight. The actor is probably most well-known as the hotshot pilot in the Star Wars sequels, Poe Dameron. If cast, it won’t be Isaac’s first Marvel franchise, nor character with an Egypt associated background, as he played Apocalypse in 2016’s X-Men: Apocalypse movie. The actor is also starring in 2021’s (?) Dune film.

Note that Isaac is not the only actor rumored to play the lead role in Moon Knight, when confirmed, we’ll bring the news.

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