Tie-Ins Like Lightning! More Marvel ‘King In Black’ Titles Coming In January

Back in July, Marvel announced what would be their end-of-the-year event, King In Black. The event involves the Symbiote god, Knull invading Earth, and he ain’t friendly. Of course with any Marvel event comes tie-in titles, some of which were already announced for November and December.

Well, a new year brings new tie-in titles, so here are a few (probably more to come):

King in Black: Return of the Valkyries will be a 4-issue mini-series featuring the return of the Jane Foster version of Valkyrie. It will be written by Jason Aaron and Torunn Grønbekk, with art by Nina Vakueva, and covers by Mattia De Iulis. Here is the summary of the first issue:

Once there was an entire army of Valkyries, but now Jane Foster is the only one. When the King in Black comes to Midgard, Jane must rebuild the Valkyries to help stop him — starting with Hildegarde, a warrior from Asgard’s own hallowed halls, and X-Man Dani Moonstar, a former Valkyrie herself. But what Jane doesn’t know…is that she never was the only Valkyrie after all. Who is the fourth warrior?

King in Black: Return of the Valkyries #1 cover
King in Black: Return of the Valkyries #2 cover

Earth-65’s Gwen Stacy is back with a symbiote as Gwenom (ugh) as seen in her previous title Spider-Gwen‘s Gwenom story arc. This apparently is a series, and is written by former Spider-Gwen: Ghost-Spider scribe Seanan McGuire, with art by Flaviano, and covers by Ken Lashley.

Here is how this title is described:

Equipped with a symbiotic suit of her own, the god of symbiote’s descent on the Marvel Universe in King in Black will throw Gwenom’s world into chaos. As Knull unleashes his dark influence throughout the globe, Gwen will have to defend her new home universe against one of the most dangerous symbiotes of all time — Carnage!

King in Black: Gwenom Vs. Carnage #1 cover

Next up is the knight in black, Dane Whitman in a one-shot titled King in Black: Black Knight. This title is written by Si Spurrier, with art by Jesus Saiz, and cover by Dan Mora. Here is a description of the comic, and some preview pages are available at Marvel.com:

As the endless horde of symbiote dragons darken the skies of Shanghai, Black Knight will have to overcome the growing evil within himself while grappling with surprising discoveries about his past. This epic issue will introduce new readers to the fan-favorite hero and reveal the bright future he has in the Marvel Universe, all amidst a vigorous battle that will go down in Marvel history!

King in Black: Black Knight #1 cover

Finally (this time), is a new incarnation of the Thunderbolts team in the 3-issue mini-series King in Black: Thunderbolts. This iteration of the Thunderbolts will feature Taskmaster, Rhino, Mr. Fear, Star (from Captain Marvel), and Batroc the Leaper assembled by the Kingpin (!). The mini-series will be written by Matthew Rosenberg, with art by Juan Ferreyra, and covers by Kyle Hotz.

Here is a description of the first issue (some preview images can be seen at syfy.com):

Mayor Fisk tasks them with saving the city or die trying…or die right then and there. The fate of the entire world may rest in the hands of the absolute worst people in the Marvel Universe.

King in Black: Thunderbolts 1 cover

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