Heavy Metal’s Magma Comix Imprint Announces First Wave Of Titles

Heavy Metal Entertainment has announced its own imprint of creator owned comics called Magma Comix. The line is overseen by former IDW Publishing editor Denton J. Tipton. The line will launch in Spring 2021 and the first wave consists of three titles: Amber Blake: Operation Dragonfly ​by ​Jade Lagardère​ and ​Butch Guice, The Modern Frankenstein ​by ​Paul Cornell​ and ​Emma Vieceli, and Chasing the Dragon​ by Tipton and ​menton3​.


Action and intrigue abound in this modern sci-fi thriller from supermodel/writer ​Jade Lagardère and legendary comics artist ​Butch Guice​ (​Captain America​) that shines a light on the dark corner of international human trafficking, with the help of color artist ​Dan Brown​ (​Black Widow​) and letterer ​Gil Lazcano ​(​They Called Us Enemy​).

Abandoned by her mother at the age of 5, Amber Blake was only a child when she was recruited to the Cleverland Institute, a school for gifted children, where she was promised a bright future. But predators hide in the school’s administration and, on the verge of exposing them, Amber finds herself fleeing for her life from the very man who took her in. Now a top recruit of a covert agency dead-set on ending human slavery in all its forms, she’s going to destroy everone who’s ever hurt the people she loves.

Each issue of the first series sold out and were rushed into second printings, and this new graphic novel sees Amber take on a dangerous mission to Singapore, where the stakes have never been higher!

Graphic novel on sale 3/31/21


Discover the next thing in horror from award-winning writer of television and comics ​Paul Cornell (Doctor Who, Saucer State, Wolverine​) and acclaimed artist ​Emma Vieceli​ (​Doctor Who, Life is Strange​), along with color artist ​Pippa Bowland​ and letterer ​Simon Bowland.

Elizabeth Kleve is a brilliant young medical student, attracted to the waspish, charismatic surgeon James Frankenstein. He wants to further medical science… by all means necessary. So how far is Elizabeth prepared to go? A twisted horror/romance that walks a fine line between attraction and fear.

The first of five issues on sale 4/28/21


In ​Chasing the Dragon,​ ​New York Times​ Bestselling writer ​Denton J. Tipton ​and acclaimed painter ​menton3​ explore a dark fantasy world ravaged by the rampant abuse of a drug made from the blood of dragons. Graphic artist ​Gil Lazcano ​(​They Called Us Enemy​) will provide lettering and design.

When two young slaves discover a terrible secret that could change the course of the world, will a meek alchemist’s apprentice and a drug-addled concubine survive long outside their cages? For fans of ​Game of Thrones ​and ​Breaking Bad​.

The first of five issues on sale 2/24/21

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