Explore New Comic Publisher ‘Storyworlds’ In 2021

Fans of comics, especially indies, will have a new publisher to get their fix from in 2021, when Storyworlds launches. The new publisher is the child of former BBC employee Max Gadney, who will sell the books in the “graphic novella” format. He explains it this way:

“These 50-60 page books with self-contained stories are more rewarding to read. The Graphic Novella format will break through in the battle for reader’s attention, as opposed to having to wait for next month’s floppy or floppy collection.”

Of course, as indies often do, he wants to “to tell new stories, by new creators, for new audiences”.

Storyworlds will launch in February 2021 with four titles, the first being United States of Magic, by Max Gadney, Julian Parry and Taylor Esposito. Here is the synopsis of that title:

A U.S. intelligence analyst discovers that there really is a conspiracy behind events in the world, but it’s nothing like what she could have imagined, in this supernatural thriller.

United States of Magic cover

The Sword and the Six-Shooter is by Simon Delafond, Max Gadney, Antonio Fuso, Stefano Simeone, and Taylor Esposito. This one tells the tale of:

A disgraced Samurai’s search for the man who murdered his master leads him to Texas in the late 19th century, bringing him into contact with a Texas Ranger haunted by literal demons.

The Sword and Six-Shooter cover

Only Hope: Fear Farm is by Max Gadney, Ksenia Kudryavtseva and Taylor Esposito. This one is about:

Hope Farrar, a new hire at an internet company located on a remote Pacific island, finds a terrible secret about her new employer and decides to fight back.

Only Hope: Fear Farm cover

The last of the launch titles is FAB, by RAMZEE, Stefano Simeone and Taylor Esposito. This one is summarized as:

The black market appearance of a new technology that allows people to make whatever they want — including clones of themselves — leads to the creation of a secret government task force trying to discover just where it came from.

FAB cover

That’s a whole lotta Gadney. Are you going to explore Storyworlds? Hopefully indie readers (and comic fans in general) will boldy accept the new line.

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