BOOM! Gives Kickstarter Backers Authentic Comic Shop Experience By Delaying BRZRKR By Four Months

As any comic book fan can attest, comics are going to be delayed. BOOM! Studios is getting new readers on board this delay train with the announcement that BRZRKR, their upcoming series “co-written” by Keanu Reeves, will be delayed by four months. The delay comes from a change of artists from the originally-announced Alessandro Vitti to Ron Garney.

In a message via Diamond Comic Distributors, BOOM! said, “To facilitate the change and maintain its high production standards, Boom!! has announced that the in-store date for issue #1 will change to February 17, 2021. Issue #2 will now ship in March, followed by #3 in May, in accordance with the title‚Äôs six-week publication schedule.”

The first issue was originally set to release October 7, 2020.

BRZRKR is co-written by Matt Kindt and Reeves, with art by Garney, colors by Bill Crabtree, and letters by Clem Robins.

The Kickstarter for this comic has raised over $1.2 million with an original goal of $50,000.

In the launch of the Kickstarter, BOOM! pushed the idea that, despite using Kickstarter, this project would drive new readers into the comic book store. Backers get that authentic comic book store experience by being told that the book they want is delayed.

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