Hasbro Misfires at Target Yet Again!!

Once again, Hasbro utterly disappoints its fanbase. This weekend, Pulse Con is taking place and unless you paid $50 extra for premium access at 4 pm (Central Time) it is a literal online shopping war zone.

Today marked the second day of new reveals by the toy company with pre-orders at Hasbro Pulse, Wal-Mart, Games Stop, and Target all opening at the said time period. But one of these stores is not like the other.

Earlier this year, Hasbro had an exclusive G.I. Joe Classified wave featuring four figures (Roadblock, Cobra Officer, and Beachhead) and a deluxe figure (Baroness which came with a vehicle). All four figures sold out on the Target website in mere seconds due to scalpers using bots where all snatched up. Not soon after on the secondary market, all four still go for crazy prices.

You’d think Hasbro/Target would learn from the past mistake either have an adequate number of stock if there was a second exclusive wave, or Target would change it’s website so bots couldn’t raid it.

WHELP! Neither happened as earlier in the day Hasbro revealed that the store chain would be getting two exclusive figures (Firefly and Viper Trooper). Guess what happened at the 4 pm deadline?

You guessed it.

The two figures sold out in seconds.

Once again fans of the property are fuming mad at both Hasbro and Target for absolutely not adapting to the shitty practices of the later. Once again fans lost out because scalpers preyed on the bot easily accessible website Target has.

There are solutions to this. Target to change it’s website format so bots from scalpers cannot raid items. That or complain to Hasbro themselves on making this Faustian deal with several hot figures that are making fans pissed not being able to pay normal prices for.

For those G.I. Joe fans who want to voice their complaints here are links for both Hasbro and Target customer service. Have at it. Or voice your displeasure here if you want to vent.

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