BOOM! Studios December 2020 Solicitations

DEC. 2 ON SALE $4.99 32 Pages
Written by Corinna Bechko
Illustrated by Alejandro Aragon
Covers by W. Scott Forbes (Main) Tigh Walker (Variant) Lorenzo De Felici (Incentive) W. Scott Forbes (Incentive)
A new limited series event set between Season 4 and Season 5 of Amazon’s hit series The Expanse from Corinna Bechko (Green Lantern: Earth One) and Alejandro Aragon (Resonant)!
Chrisjen Avasarala, the former longtime Secretary- General of the United Nations, has found herself relegated to Luna after losing the latest elections…and she doesn’t plan on going down without a fight. So when Bobbie Draper—a former Martian marine—brings her intel on an intergalactic black market weapons ring, Avasarala sees a chance to reclaim her former political position of power through a clandestine operation.
But as Draper digs deeper into this secret cabal, she soon realizes the threat they pose is far larger—and closer to home—than either of them ever imagined…

DEC. 2 $6.99 48 Pages
Written by Shannon Watters & Kat Leyh
Illustrated by Brooklyn Allen & Kanesha C. Bryant
Covers by Kat Leyh (Main) Harriet Moulton (Variant) Tillie Walden (Variant)
The END OF SUMMER is here in the final issue of Lumberjanes!
Co-Creator & Series Artist Brooklyn Allen Returns… along with the Kitten Holy!
Now the scouts of Miss Qiunzella Thiskwin Penniquiqul Thistle Crumpet’s Camp for Hardcore Lady Types will
have to fight back against the mysterious force known as the Grey!
Meanwhile, Molly has discovered a deep and ancient forest magic, which she hopes to use to protect her friends and the home they’ve all found here. Will she be able to, though? Or is this all-encompassing, all-erasing Grey just too much for one ‘Jane to fight on her own?

Written by Kat Leyh & Shannon Watters
Illustrated by Kanesha C. Bryant
Cover by Kat Leyh
FEB. 3 $14.99 112 Pages
A Limited Series Event Revealing
Secrets Of The Hit Amazon Series!
Jen and Rosie plan to take the Lumberjane scouts to see an amazing astronomical event. But their night of star-gazing is thrown off course when half of the Roanoke and Zodiac cabins sneak away into the night in search of aliens, leaving everyone else to deal with a gatecrashing goddess who throws the entire camp into a tizzy. Not to mention there’s a nefarious kitten-napping and a super-secret crush to contend with! Collects Lumberjanes #65-68.

DEC. 9 ON SALE $3.99 32 Pages
Written by Greg Pak
Illustrated by Lalit Kumar Sharma & Daniel Bayliss
Covers by Marc Aspinall (Main) George Kambadais (Variant) Daniel Bayliss (Incentive) Afu Chan (Incentive)

The First-Ever Firefly Event Continues! Sheriff Mal Reynolds—yeah, he’s still getting used to it too—and the crew of Serenity have one last sliver of hope against the Blue Sun corporation. But defeating a new enemy means going back to the old ways—and embracingsome unexpected allies!

DEC. 9 ON SALE $3.99 32 Pages
Written by Greg Pak
Illustrated by Lalit Kumar Sharma & Daniel Bayliss
Covers by Marc Aspinall (Main) George Kambadais (Variant) FRANY (Incentive) FRANY (Incentive)

Not Everyone Will Survive The First-Ever Firefly Event!
The stage is set for the final battle. But now Mal makes a choice that may cost him those he loves most, whether he knows it or not…

$7.99 40 Pages DEC. 23

Written by Greg Pak
Illustrated by Dan McDaid
Covers by Nimit Malavia (Main) Christian Ward (Variant Connecting) Lorenzo Di Felici (Incentive) Christian Ward (Incentive)

It’s The End Of The First-Ever Firefly Event— And Now Everything Changes!
Shocking losses lead to stunning decisions as Mal and the crew of Serenity must face the consequences of their choices in war against the Blue Sun Corporation.
The ‘Verse is changing in ways no one ever expected—and a new chapter of Firefly begins here.

DEC. 2 $7.99 40 Pages
Written by Lara Elena Donnelly
Illustrated by French Carlomagno, Samantha Dodge, and more
Covers by Jenny Frison (Main) Evan Cagle (Variant)

Discover an all-new one-shot story set during the hit film Jim Henson’s Labyrinth from award-winning author Lara Elena Donnelly (Amberlough), along with artists French Carlomagno (The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance), Samantha Dodge (Catwoman: Soulstealer), and more.
All is not as it seems with the guests of Jareth’s famous Masquerade, as one participant slowly awakens to the reality of her topsy-turvy existence in the Goblin Kingdom when Sarah shatters the glass mirrors during her escape.
But as this mysterious participant puts together thepieces, her discoveries threaten to unravel everything!

Written by Jeffrey Addiss, Will Matthews & Matthew Erman
Illustrated by Jo Migyeong
Cover by Mona Finden
FEB. 17
$24.99 7.25″ x 11.25″ 112 Pages
Based on a story by Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance show writers Jeffrey Addiss and Will Matthews, writer Matthew Erman and artist Jo Migyeong present an official prequel to the series. All-Maudra Mayrin takes her place as the leader of all Gelfling clans, but feels unprepared for the great responsibility before her. When whispers of a Gelfling rebellion reach her, she must decide who she can trust—and if she herself is truly worthy of this responsibility…
Collects Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance #9-12.

FEB. 10 ON SALE $12.99 6″ x 9″ 208 Pages
Written & Illustrated by Audra Winslow

A new middle grade graphic novel perfect for fans of Lumberjanes and Stargazing from cartoonist Audra Winslow about two unlikely best friends who learn to roll with the punches when life doesn’t go their way. Jo and Rus don’t realize how much they have in common—she’s a middle schooler who’s constantly bullied and he’s a high schooler in a rock band. But when a mysterious one-eyed cat brings them together, they quickly learn they’re both outcasts trying to figure out what they really want from life in a world where the odds are stacked against them. Now they’ll discover who they are, who they want to be and what it takes for every one of us to find our own happiness!

$12.99 6″ x 9″ 176 Pages
Written & Illustrated by Jenna Ayoub
A new middle-grade graphic novel for fans of Sheets and
Anya’s Ghost from acclaimed cartoonist Jenna Ayoub
(Adventure Time) about a girl named Willow, who’s got
two parents in the military and has lived a nomadic
childhood that’s made it seem impossible to find a place
she can call home—until now!
And when the family arrives at their latest stop—
the historic Hadleigh House—Willow encounters
something that doesn’t help her chances of staying
Hadleigh House’s spectral occupants have been scaring
off would-be residents for decades, and they intend to
keep the house to themselves.
But Willow’s not about to let some nagging spirits force
her to move for the millionth time. It’s just a matter of
convincing Willow’s parents that this old house is the
one for them—ghosts and all…

DEC. 9 $3.99 32 Pages
Written by Ryan Parrott
Illustrated by Marco Renna
Covers by InHyuk Lee (Main) Eleonora Carlini (Legacy) Yellow Blank Sketch Dan Mora (Every Ranger Ever Incentive) Peach Momoko (Incentive) InHyuk Lee (Incentive) Eleonora Carlini (Incentive) Peach Momoko (Incentive)
Two New Series. Two New Teams. The
UNLIMITED POWER ERA continues as shocking
secrets of The New Green Ranger are revealed!
Zordon enlists Billy’s help as the Mighty
Morphin team deals with a shocking betrayal
by the Power Rangers team.
As the Mighty Morphin team remains fractured,
Zedd launches his latest attack—and only The
New Green Ranger stands in his way.
But none of them realize they’ve walked into a
trap, courtesy of Zedd’s new powers!

$3.99 32 Pages DEC. 16
Written by Ryan Parrott
Illustrated by Francesco Mortarino
Covers by Matteo Scalera (Main) Daniele Di Nicuolo (Legacy) Yellow Blank Sketch Dan Mora (Every Ranger Ever Incentive) Goñi Montes (Incentive) Matteo Scalera (Incentive) Daniele Di Nicuolo (Incentive) Goñi Montes (Incentive)

Two New Series. Two New Teams. The UNLIMITED POWER
ERA continues as the Power Rangers betray Zordon!
A new cosmic threat is here and the all-new Power
Rangers team will put it all on the line to stop it, even if
it means trusting their mortal enemy Lord Drakkon.
But as the new threat launches its first offensive against
the Power Rangers, the question remains—will
Drakkon act as friend or foe?
After all, Drakkon always has a plan…

$4.99 32 Pages
Written by A.J. Marchisello
Illustrated by Stefano Simeone
Covers by Toni Infante (Main) Miguel Mercado (Level Up) Alex Garner (Variant)

Mega Man is betrayed and defeated by
the last person he expected.
Now, there’s just one more chance to
save Silicon City and the people he
loves most—can Mega Man go FULLY
CHARGED one more time?

$16.99 128 Pages
FEB. 10
Written by Ryan Parrott
Illustrated by Moisés Hidalgo
Cover by Jamal Campbell
Lord Drakkon has returned with a new agenda, new secrets and a new mission!
Now the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and the Omega Rangers must come together one more time
to defeat the combined power Lord Zedd and his all new Dark Rangers…and meet the all-new Mighty
Morphin Green Ranger for the very first time!
It’s the epic conclusion to the longest-running Power Rangers series of all time. Collects Mighty
Morphin Power Rangers #51-55.

#3 (OF 12)
Rod Reis (Variant)
32 Pages
Written by
Brian Herbert
& Kevin J. Anderson
Illustrated by
Dev Pramanik
Covers by
Jae Lee (Main)
Rod Reis (Variant)
Rod Reis (Incentive)
Jae Lee (Incentive)

Young Duncunimaginable ways.
The Planetologist Pardot Kynes ventures into
the plains of Dune, and makes a destinyaltering
And Reverend Mother Gaius Mohiam confronts
Baron Harkonnen with a proposition he can’t

$3.99 32 Pages DEC. 9
Written by Keanu Reeves & Matt Kindt
Illustrated by TBA
Covers by Rafael Grampá (Main) TBA (Connecting) Jeff Dekal (Incentive)

The shocking history of B. is revealed as Diana digs deeper into his memories. Meanwhile, the mysterious Caldwell makes his next move to take advantage of this information—and put his master plan into motion.

$3.99 32 Pages DEC. 9
Written by Tom Taylor
Illustrated by Daniele di Nicuolo
Covers by Daniele di Nicuolo (Main) Derrick Chew (Variant) Miguel Mercado (Connecting) Derrick Chew (Incentive)
Caspar has been training all his life for this
moment—but he never expected an all-out
war like this.
As enemy forces converge on The Order,
lives will be shattered by the truths that are
…and a shocking decision by The Order to
protect The Secrets from an enemy who will
stop at nothing to change the world.

Written by Al Ewing
Illustrated by Simone Di Meo
Covers by Simone Di Meo (Main) Toni Infante (Dead God) Valerio Schiti (Incentive)
$3.99 32 Pages DEC. 16
The final showdown between Malik and
Richter has begun on the surface of the
God they’ve discovered.
But will Malik survive long enough to find
a living God—or has he doomed his crew
to an unimaginable fate?

$3.99 32 Pages DEC. 9
Written by Clay McLeod Chapman
Illustrated by Jakub Rebelka
Covers by Jakub Rebelka (Main) Jakub Rebelka (Incentive)
Nowhere is safe on the planet that David helped destroy, including the secret hideout where he was
brought back to life as the last living human.
When enemy AI attacks, David and his robot guardian, Chloe, must face an impossible mission in
search of answers.
It’s a dangerous journey but humanity’s only hope lies in the father of robotics going back to where it
all started—no matter the cost.

$3.99 32 Pages DEC. 2
Written by Jordie Bellaire
Illustrated by Ramon Bachs
Covers by David López (Main) Marguerite Sauvage (Variant) Becca Carey (Fire Variant) David López (Incentive)
It’s Faith, Buffy and Willow versus Xander—
not everyone is making it out alive.
No Buffy fan will want to miss the shocking
Meanwhile, Wesley Wyndam-Price has arrived
in Sunnydale with his own secret mission.

$3.99 32 Pages DEC.23
Written by Dan Panosian
Illustrated by Marianna Ignazzi, Dan Panosian
Covers by Dan Panosian (Main) Qistina Khalidah (Raven) Dani Pendergast (Incentive)

The truth about Wilma—and the people she loves most—is revealed.
But as Wilma is left reeling from these revelations, she and the Ravens discover just
where Waverly has been—and it may be more than they can handle.
Qistina Khalidah (Issue #3 Raven)

DEC 16
$3.99 32 Pages
Written by Kieron Gillen
Illustrated by Dan Mora
Cover by Dan Mora
Gran, Duncan and Rose are on a new quest to learn more about Merlin’s plan when
they come face-to-face with another mysterious knight of legend.
But if they want to track down the powerful Nimue and stay one step ahead of
their enemy, it seems the trio will need to play this knight’s game, whether they
like it or not…

Written by James Tynion IV
Illustrated by Werther Dell’Edera
Covers by Werther Dell’Edera (Main) Frany (Incentive)
The monsters in Archer’s Peak have surrounded the school where Erica
and Tommy make their last stand.
Even if the House of Slaughter can save them, will the price of their
help be too high?
DEC.23 $3.99 32 Pages

Written by Jeremy Haun
Illustrated by Danny Luckert
Cover by Jeremy Haun
$3.99 32 Pages DEC.9
Daisy faces the Red Mother in her court.
The true plan is revealed—and Daisy will learn just why her life was destroyed.

FEB. 24
$17.99 160 Pages

Written by Brian Azzarello
Illustrated by Maria Llovet
Cover by Maria Llovet

New York Times bestselling writer Brian
Azzarello (Batman: Damned, 100 Bullets)
and artist Maria Llovet (Heartbeat, Loud)
present the next chapter of their acclaimed
erotic thriller as Faith descends into the world
of dark magic and the even darker corners of
the human soul.
Faith embarks on a journey deep into the
exclusive art world with hellish consequences
after she accompanies her lovers, the freespirited
Poppy and the elusive Louis, straight
into the epicenter of dark magic: Turin, Italy.
As she dabbles with new paint and new
partners, her own power begins to shed light
on who or what she truly is and the devil will
be by her side to guide her hand…
Power has a price and Faith has only begun to
pay. Collects Faithless II #1-6.

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