As Foretold, ‘Black Cat’ Uses Another Life For New Ongoing Tied To Event

Spider-Man character Black Cat (aka. Felicia Hardy) is using another life for a new #1 coming this December. Her previous “ongoing” series debuted last June and ended last month with issue #12. At that time, series author Jed MacKay promised that his time with the Black Cat was not over and that the character would return in the December Venom event King in Black.

So yes, the Cat will be Back in December with a new #1 and an ongoing series. The price paid is being initially tied to an event. The new series will be written by Jed MacKay, with art by C.F. Villa and first issue cover by Pepe Larraz.

Here is how MacKay is plugging the new series:

“Check your Christmas lists, because this December BLACK CAT is back with a brand-new #1! But remember, if we’re going with legacy numbering, that puts us smack on Unlucky Number 13, and when you’re talking about Felicia Hardy, you know bad luck is her constant companion. Usually it’s something for other folks to worry about, of course, but this time… well, the last thing you need when you’re in the final phases of planning the job of a lifetime is an alien invasion. KING IN BLACK comes crashing into Felicia’s world to mess everything up, and it’s not like Felicia didn’t hate all that symbiote business already.

“BLACK CAT #1 brings us back in a big way, and even after KING IN BLACK, we’re firing on all cylinders. You want to see Felicia pull a heist on an evil alien space god? Done. New costume? Check. Queen Cat? She’s on her way. The long-awaited Thieves Guild heist that we’ve been building up to for over a year? Of course. And beyond! All of Team Black Cat has been hammering away to bring Felicia and friends (and enemies) back to you with the same energy, charm, and pizazz you’ve come to expect, and we can’t wait for you all to see what we’ve been working on!

“Feeling lucky? Knull’s attack on Earth interrupts the Black Cat’s latest heist, and if you know Felicia, you know that’s a problem, so the Cat and her crew aim to steal something of greatest value to both Knull and Earth’s hope of survival. You’ll have to pick up this issue to find out what! This issue guest-stars the X-Men! Captain America! And Doctor Strange! DO NOT MISS IT!!!”

Black Cat #1 cover by Pepe Larraz


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