Cartoon Network Cancels ‘The Venture Brothers’!!!!!

Godddamn 2020. The infamous year just continues to get more infamous. Cartoon Network has canceled the long-running adult animated comedy the Venture Bros. The news was hinted at two nights ago when Kenneth Plume (who voiced some characters on the series, and did the amazing interview with the creators that was featured in the book Go Team Venture!: The Art and Making of The Venture Bros.) teased the series was over a few nights ago on Twitter:

Today, series co-creator Jackson Publick, confirmed the news at long last a few hours ago:

The series which had aired its last episode in 2018, had a long-running history of its creative team taking years to perfectly craft a season (when the series began in 2003). It became a main fixture of the Adult Swim block. Sadly, it appears that the eighth season will be the last.

You may begin REAAAAAAALLY hating Cartoon Network now for not even giving the creators a chance to do a series finale special. Not to mention as well canceling the show quietly months ago and being ultra sneaky about it.

This is literally going to be many super-villains’ origins now won’t it? WELL SNAKES ARE MY THING! Also we know monarch butterflies are taken. So I guess there are other things one can use… WELL! If there is one certain undeniable fact it is Cartoon Network doesn’t even realize how many arch enemies it made this day does it?

It shall. It shall…

HBO Max. You want people to watch your shit? THE VENTURE BROS. SEASON NINE!!


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