Powerpuff Girls to Get Gritty Edgy CW-Sequel!

This is something I didn’t expect from 2020. Something I think NO ONE EVER EXPECTED to ever see. Yes, the Powerpuff Girls is coming back again (after the relaunch series– oh yeah that was a thing. What the heck happened to that at Cartoon Network?) but this time in a new live-action series for the CW.

I am not kidding you the plot will reportedly be a sequel to the original 90s cartoon BUUUUUUUUT- and I quote are “disillusioned twentysomethings who resent having lost their childhood to crime-fighting.”


Yes, they’re going for the Umbrella Company or something that just seems totally counter. Wait, this now begs the question. How the hell are they gonna do the Ganggreen Gang? Fuzzy Lumpkins? OR MOST IMPORTANTLY OF ALL–


For you see a Powerpuff Girls series cannot be a Powerpuff Girls series without Mojo Jojo. Thus, Mojo Jojo must exist. But to exist would mean live action and for live action how could that be? A CGI Mojo Jojo? A man in a suit to play Mojo Jojo? For these are the questions that must be question. For the question of a live action Mojo Jojo is a question indeed. Just like who can play Mojo Jojo? For to play Mojo Jojo you must have the voice and be able to rant in long phrases and be clear! Consice and too the point!

But then if there is another Mojo Jojo cast then there’s the possiblity that there are then TWO MOJO JOJOS! And if there are two Mojo Jojos in this world. Two Mojo Jojos in the world are two too many! And three Mojo Jojos is right out!


Why do this thing exist? Somehow you got Diablo Cody (Juno, United States of Tara), Heather Regnier (Veronica Mars), Greg Berlanti‘s Berlanti Productions behind all of this. How they are behind this and actually doing this with a clear conscience in live action is beyond me?!

Wait.. if there’s a live action series that would mean– HIM? But a live action version of HIM cannot be. For HIM is so evil. So maniacial in the series. It just cannot be!

Will this series go into production? We shall see. Until then we can all be horrorfied that we will probably never look at this original series again in the same light when this new grittier one is released.

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