Milestone Returns To DC, Digital ‘Static Shock’ Series In 2021

Milestone Comics were published by DC starting back in the 1990s. Milestone Media who created those comics were founded by a group of African-American creators; the character of Static Shock is probably the most well-known of the  characters from those titles. The Milestone titles have been published by DC off and on,  the most recent in 2018.

Well, at the virtual DC fan event DC FanDome, it was announced that Milestone titles will be back in 2021. The main event coming up is a Static Shock digital comic series starting in February 2021. Also:

Future offerings will include a Static Shock original graphic novel written by [Reginald] Hudlin with art by Kyle Baker, plus the return of Milestone heroes Icon & Rocket, also written by Hudlin with art by [Denys] Cowan and more to be announced.

Before that though, the Milestone universe will make a free appearance at the next DC FanDome event on September 12. On that date:

… fans will also have a chance be introduced to these characters and stories. Milestone Returns #0, a 17-page sampler, will be available to read free for 24 hours. Written by Reggie Hudlin with Greg Pak and cover by Denys Cowan and Chris Sotomayor, the sampler will introduce and re-introduce fans to Milestone characters such as Static Shock, Icon, Rocket, Duo and others. The sampler features art by an incredible lineup of Talent, including Cowan, Jim Lee, Ryan Benjamin, Khoi Pham, Scott Hanna, Bill Sienkiewicz, Don Ho, Alex Sinclair and Deron Bennett.




Also available at the next DC FanDome event will be select classic Milestone issues to read free for 24 hours.


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