Marie Javins And Michele Wells Co-Editors In Chief At DC Comics

Ahead of DC Fandome, but pre-massive layoffs, DC Comics’ Jim Lee gave an interview with The Hollywood Reporter about the future of the company. Layoffs happened Monday, with Warner Bros. cutting 20% of its staff across the board, which included HBO and DC Comics.

“This week has been a really heavy difficult time not just for me, but for the entire organization,” Lee tells The Hollywood Reporter via a Zoom call. “We’ve said goodbye to people that have been huge contributors and who have helped define and make DC what it is today.”

Lee was out to assure fans that the company would still be publishing comics as long as they align to the franchise brand content. Buzzwords.

That said, we will be reducing the size of the slate. But it’s about looking at everything and looking at the bottom 20 percent, 25 percent of the line that wasn’t breaking even or was losing money. It’s about more punch for the pound, so to speak, and increasing the margins of the books that we are doing. It was about aligning the books to the franchise brand content we’ve developed and making sure that every book we put out, we put out for a reason.

Along with this commitment to publishing comics, Lee revealed that Marie Javins and Michele Wells would be interim co-editors in chief.

Javins is previously head of digital strategy and Wells headed the Young Adult imprint.

Lee also made sure to hammer home just why making comics is important: movie ideas.

Comics serve a lot of different purposes and one of them is it’s a great way to incubate ideas and creating the next great franchises. We want to continue that. Why would you want to stop that? Why would you want to stop creating great content that could be used across the greater enterprise?

DC Fandome, celebrating all things DC, is set to happen August 22.

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