Massive DC Comics Editorial Shake-Up Happening Right Now!

Earlier in the morning today massive layoffs were announced and being distributed within the Warner Bros company (as reported by Variety) and now it seems the wave is trickling down at DC Comics tonight at this very moment.

There are rumors (but not fully confirmed just yet) that the restructuring on the DC end are various editorial figures being laid off ranging from Bob Harras (DC Editor-in-Chief), Mark Doyle (Executive Editor of the DC Black Label), Brian Cunningham (Senior Story Editor), and Andy Khouri (Editor on a wide variety of DC Comics).

Not only that, but the DC Collectibles division will be completely gutted. The move doesn’t sound at all surprising given, the subdivision that produces many DC Comic geek goodies slated this year being only DCeased and Batman: The Animated Series.

At the moment, this story is ongoing and we’ll update you as further news is released. Still, the moment seems extremely shitty to do when we’re just a few weeks away from DC Fandome event (August 22nd), and the company has a major restructuring right before it.


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