Midwestern Comic Book Chain Tries “Parody” on Tom King/Jae Lee Issue; Shockingly Backfires!

No one can be the king of parody media in comics like Tim Midura on here or Jude Terror over at Bleeding Cool (pip pip). Oh, sure there are imitators, but can anyone top his style of parody topics that get you to click on it? Well, someone tried to do this aaaaaannnnd weeeeeeeell— it came out rather bad.

So every week the Midwestern comic book store chain Graham Crackers Comics (though they do have a single store in Murrieta, California) sends out a weekly e-mail to its customers giving order cut-offs for major comics, opinion pieces, reviews of this week’s comics, and a list of what’s coming out next week.

Today, someone in the company named “Rick B”, tried to pull a Tim and Judas Terror writing a “parody” piece on the Tom King/Jae Lee topic and paid heavily for it. Here are the screen-caps of the article in question:

Yeah, if you’re trying to be parody a delicate issue it’s probably not very wise to drag artist Sean Gordon Murphy into this issue or criticize the “All New, All Different” line that many fans did enjoy (this reporter very much did enjoy Laura Kinney as Wolverine by Tom Taylor). Not to mention the whole article sounded a bit– um pro Comics Gatey. Which if you’re trying to defend those lads? Um yeah. Just don’t go there. The heads of Comics Gate are a hate group. Plain and simple.

See when you’re doing parody you have interns one can blame this sort of thing on. Which is exactly what happened as Graham Crackers Comics intern Vlad Kozinkerov had this to say after posting this e-mail out to the various customers at Graham Crackers Comics, “They say post article without looking clearly at it. So Vlad posts e-mail. Suddenly inbox instead of getting orders for comics. Vlad gets e-mails hating on Vlad. Vlad is no good at PR. Vlad is only here to send and take things. It is what Vlad does best.”

“It is the illusion of trying to be funny and failing spectacularly at it. You know like those people at the Outhousers tried. Before being double secret blacklisted by DC Comics.” Remarked noted professor of the prestigious University of Phoenix graphic novel field Professor Thaddeus T. Puffinbottoms. “One must broach parody when calling for it and seriousness on a topic where is sure as hell was called for here.”

A few hours after posting the e-mail, Graham Crackers later sent another apologizing for the topic both via e-mail and on Twitter (which I guess they also posted there as well but have since deleted the tweet).

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