Rick has a Nemesis in ‘Rick & Morty’ Season 5 Preview!

SDCC might not be happening this year physically, but that’s not stopping Adult Swim from hosting a panel for the virtual con going on this weekend. This past Friday that featured Rick & Morty panel which had series co-creator Dan Harmon and cast members Sarah Chalke, Chris Parnell, and Spencer Grammer on talking about the Season 4.

The juicy bits revealed was Harmon talking about the Beth-Clone plot and that the subplot will be building throughout season 5 with the “real fireworks” erupting in Season 6. Yes, you read that right. Harmon revealed that they were just finalizing the Season 5 finale, and have begun work on Season 6.

But that’s not all as a Season 5 animatic was shown off which introduces Rick’s arch-nemesis, Mr. Nimbus:

If what Harmon says is true, then Season 5 could becoming sooner then fans are expecting. When? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. It’ll probably be next year won’t it?

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