Batman #100 Preview Page Teases New Bat-Family Status Quo!

With SDCC not physically be going on, the lack of major comic news has caused many fans to hungrily gnaw at the bit for anything being revealed. Yesterday, a bone was thrown by DC Comics with DC Connect #3, an online catalog which previews and hypes the soon to be released comics from the company.

One such preview was a page from Batman #100 by James Tynion IV and with art credited in the issue by Guillem March and Carlo Pagulayan. The art appears to be March’s, and though not mentioned on other sites. The preview page has a caption on it saying, “NOT FINAL ART”.

Regardless the preview page showcases quite possibly the new status quo for the Bat-Family moving past Batman #100. So one last warning and a..

For those who clicked this and don’t want to be spoiled. One more warning…

Yes, that very much looks Barbara Gordon back in the saddle as Oracle, Dick Grayson being Dick Grayson again (and not Ric) as Nightwing (which we already know via solicitations). The other potatoes than just the meat of Barbara going back to the Oracle identity (again which other sites have reported PIP PIP) are two others things. The first being the third panel to this page:

That’s Stephanie Brown (currently going as Spoiler) with a bat symbol and behind her is Cassandra Cain as Batgirl. One of those things was also teased, but many fans in denial over it because– well it’s DC Comics. They wouldn’t do it would they?

WELL!! It looks like they actually are. Wait a second– does that mean.. I’M RIGHT?!


#2 in the page is one Timothy Drake currently going as um– Drake in Brian Michael Bendis’s Young Justice comics looking like he’s going as Robin again in panel five. Noticeably absent in the page is the current Robin, Damian Wayne. October solicitations for Detective Comics that month tease a heel turn for the character. But will DC do it?

I guess we’ll find out when Batman #100 is in shops October 7th.

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