With No New Marketable Ideas, Robert Kirkman Releases Colored Walking Dead Reprints

Announced Saturday as part of Skybound XPO, The Walking Dead comic book series will join its long-running TV counterpart by overstaying its welcome. Launching October 7, The Walking Dead Deluxe will reprint the complete 193 issue run in full color with bonus material. A twice monthly release schedule will start in November.

The Walking Dead was co-created by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore. Charlie Adlard was the longtime artist on the series.

Dave McCaig has been enlisted to color the series, which was originally presented in grayscale. Each issue will also feature a section titled The Cutting Room Floor featuring Kirkman’s handwritten plots and commentary on abandoned storylines and plot points.

In an EXXXCLUSIVE statement, Kirkman said, “I’m not saying I’m a prophet or anything, but look outside. If this is the end of days, I need to stock up on alphabet soup and cigarette lighters. If it worked for Max and Goofy, it’ll work for me.”

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