The Curiosity of Batgirl, Batman & the Outsiders, and JL: Odyssey Ending in October!

Yesterday, during DC Comics October solicitations, it was revealed that Batgirl, Batman & the Outsiders, and Justice League: Odyssey would all be ending that month. For two of these comics (Batman & the Outsiders/JL: Odyssey) it feels like both series were running their natural course toward an end (both had a singular arc with Ra’s Al Ghul and Darkseid as the Big Bads for both series with both teams coming to together to thwart them). Batgirl ending is a rather curious one, it felt like series’ writer Cecil Castellucci wasn’t gearing up for one.

But as revealed yesterday on Twitter, she did reveal the book’s days were numbered earlier this year:

The more interesting thing to note in that tweet was “other things upcoming that didn’t happen” since that seems to imply interesting things. Is the “things upcoming” the rumored 5G-event relaunch perhaps that a certain other site been saying would have happened (pip pip) until “that didn’t happen” due to a certain ouster from the company of the force who was enforcing it? It is rather curious.

But for those sad that there will be no Batgirl ongoing moving forward, I get the feeling something will be filling that void soon either in November or in early 2021. How do I know this? My number one belief in this is all the Bat-Family comics appear to be undergoing with a new Harley Quinn and Batgirl (or perhaps– Batgirls) with the status quo fallout of the Joker War event (which just so happens to wrap up that month too).

In November, Red Hood: Outlaw (or is it & the Outlaws again? I get rather confused with that damn book) will be getting a new creative team (writer Scott Lobdell is packing his bags and leaving the comic in #50 releasing in October as well). It doesn’t sound like the creative team behind Nightwing or Catwoman are leaving anytime soon with new status quos being put in for both characters in October.

However, with Harley Quinn having a key role in the event (following the solicitations and being targeted by Joker and Punchline), it feels like more than likely a new ongoing will be released showcasing her new status quo (being more hero than anti-hero/villain). For Batgirl? Well, you don’t go teasing a certain character will be returning to the Batgirl role in Batman: Joker War Zone #1, while also saying the one-shot lays the groundwork for 2021, and not have it get overlooked.

I guess we shall truly see in the coming months. Until then, all three comics were pretty remarkable with Batman & the Outsiders being exceptional standout among them. The way Ra’s Al Ghul is once again an antagonist with teeth (a trait that has been lacking from the character for years now) and Lady Shiva getting much dimension added to her character (after being a one-note villain for a decade). I also enjoy JL: Odyssey as well given it was a space well odyssey epic that has Green Lantern Jessica Cruz being the lead in, while all sorts of characters are in this comic (Orion, Dex-Star the Red Lantern Kitty, Starfire, and Azrael being the glorious standouts). Again, add a Darkseid who isn’t jobbing and quite scary again. Yeah, this book was awesome.

I just hope that the characters sidelined that we do know won’t be for long. But I get the feeling once the event Death Metal concludes we’ll get a better view of the DC Comic landscape when it does. We’ll keep you updated if my theory holds water or whatever changes do occur. Until then…


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