Tom King Decides to Write Rorschach Comic After Repeatedly Seeing PTSD in Mask

DC Comics announced a further watering down of Watchmen with the 12 issue series Rorshach. The series is set in the same universe and takes place 35 years after the conclusion of the original series by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. It will follow an investigation into an assassination attempt against the first candidate to stand against President Robert Redford in decades, one of whom was dressed as Rorschach, despite having died in 1985 at the end of the original series.

The series will be written by former CIA Officer Tom King. We EXXXCLUSIVELY reached out for a statement from King. He said, “I was in my mandatory post-war therapy when the therapist held up an inkblot test. For some reason, every inkblot looked like PTSD and I realized I haven’t written about PTSD since Strange Adventures. So I put the two together.”

Joining King on Rorshach will be Jorge Forn├ęs on art, Dave Stewart on colors, and Clayton Cowles on letters.

Rorschach #1 will be released digitally and in comic book stores Oct. 13.

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