Mutants Beware! Hasbro Reveals Their Latest HasLab Project: Sentinel!

With their usual Fan Friday gusto, Hasbro revealed today their latest HasLabs venture (their crowd-funding service that delivers quite pricey geek related stuff. Previous backed projects were Jabba’s Sail Barge for Star Wars and Unicron from Transformers. Poor Cookie Monster from Sesame Street is still sad, being the lonely project that failed in the line-up), the massive mutant-hunting robot Sentinel from the X-Men for their Marvel Legends line.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Zechs we already have three prior Sentinels from this line. What’s so different about this one?” And yes, you are correct. The Sentinel was one of the first massive Build-A-Figures when the Marvel Legends line came out. Then Hasbro released a Sentinel that was exclusive to SDCC (with a comic accurate color) before they released it to retail (in a different color that languished on the shelves until another wave came with the correct color like the SDCC version).

The first major difference as Hasbro even shows is that this new Sentinel will be over 26.30 inches towering over the previous model. The other big feature with this new Sentinel is it will have LED lights (that’ll require AA batteries) for the eyes and chest. Of course, the Sentinel will have a tentacle accessory you can snap onto it’s hand to capture pesky mutants.

If that wasn’t enough the crowd-funded project will also include a six-inch Bastion figure (the first time the character has ever gotten a figure) with an alternate Prime Sentinel head.

Honestly, I’m more interested in the Bastion figure than an actual Sentinel. Like literally, that is the only thing that tempts me, but part of me thinks given Hasbro’s past history they’ll release this figure separately in another variant. It is also rather head scratching that they would introduce the concept of an army builder for this given well the price tag for this project is $349.99. A bit too much for me.

As of this moment the crowd-funding project is halfway there to its goal with over 3,000 backers (it needs 6,000 for it get the full greenlight). It probably will, given many will probably buy two of these darn things. But me? Yeah that’s a pass.

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