DC Comics Reminds Us of the Leviathan: Checkmate Mini, by Putting It on Indefinite Hold!

Did you know DC Comics ran a Superman event late last year into this one called Leviathan masterminded by the one and only Brian Michael Bendis? Did you know there was going to be a sequel to it called Leviathan: Checkmate a six-issue mini that was to be released this summer (June 2nd) by Bendis and drawn by Alex Maleev would hopefully concluding this mess of a story? Well, it appears the event has been put on “indefinite hold” in an announcement by DC Comics (as revealed by Newsarama Gamesradar).

This follows just last month when the company outright canceled another mini-series spin-off from the event, Manhunters: Secret History (which would have had Marc Andreyko writing the character he helped created, Kate Spencer once again).

But right now you’re probably scratching your head at the realization that there was a Superman event called Leviathan last year and you completely forgot it existed. Yes, it was that forgettable. Well, save the current Greg Rucka written Lois Lane maxi-series that spun off from it that really is a hidden Questions mini-series as well.

If you want to know what you missed Bendis had a villain named Leviathan take over the organization called Leviathan (that was originally lead by Talia Al-Ghul who got ousted and is currently helping the heroes) which then took out all the spy organizations of the DC Universe (Argus, Checkmate, Kobra, Spyral, and Cadmus) and the villains was revealed to be Manhunter Marc Shaw.

The mini-series would have had Green Arrow team with Talia, the Question, and Lois Lane end the threat of the organization/villain once and for all.

But the fact I just revealed this all, you probably already forgot this. Much like you’ve already forgotten this event since I just simply said the word “Bendis”, and all your interest was simply sucked away. You’ve completely forgotten at all even what this article was about.


What was I talking about again?

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