Dan DiDio Opens Up on Dislike of DC Comics Legacy Characters!

Even though it has been several months since Dan DiDio was removed from his job as co-publisher at DC Comics, yet the man is STILL causing ire with fans. How is that possible? Well, it all has to do with an interview with Newsarama Gamesradar (this is the second of four parts. Be weary if you wish to read them all). DiDio opened up on legacy characters confessing at first this about Dick Grayson and Wally West fans:

A lot of it was for show. It was theater. We used to do the conventions and we used to have people worked up about Dick Grayson and Wally West, so we fed into that energy. Anytime I go to a convention and we talk about character, I consider that a win.

You’d think okay, good and that would be that. He just relishes the misfortune of fans and is just a monster. NOPE, DiDio just had to be DiDio and explain his distaste for legacy characters, particularly of these two famous legacy heroes:

For me, Wally West was a core concept issue. My problem with Wally was that his origin was always dependent on [his uncle and previous Flash] Barry Allen. He was never his own character. He was always going to be subservient to Barry in some way because his origin was determined by Barry. There was always a Flash in front of him and his powers were because of him. I always felt, as a true Flash, if we were trying to get to the simplest form with regards to media and things like that, we had to go back to Barry because the story starts with him.

With [original Robin] Dick Grayson — and this is the same with Wally — people loved them because they aged with them, so they feel this affinity that these guys have grown up with them. The problem is that much like Batman and Superman, now Dick Grayson and Wally West have to stop aging, because they’re going to pass their mentors. Dick Grayson’s going to get older than Bruce Wayne at some point, because Bruce doesn’t age and Dick Grayson’s going to be the older guy if he does keep growing up. Therefore, those things constantly force the reboots that we’re faced with, because it creates these log jams and these multiple interpretations of characters all sharing the same name.

Ultimately, in my mind, we kept on collapsing our timelines and created confusion about how long certain characters were in certain roles, and what they did in those roles. For me, with Dick Grayson, the issue wasn’t about the fact that I didn’t like the character. In fact, when I said we should kill Dick Grayson, it was purely story driven.

Yes, I can feel the RAGE boiling in you now dear reader after you read it. For me, I always wanted to know the answer to the question on why DiDio HATED a certain legacy character that I adore. That every chance he could get, there would be only limbo and denial for that character.

Ironically, with DiDio being phased out of the company, said character apparently might just be getting her old job back in the main universe (a point of contention DiDio kept denying writers to give the character when he was in charge). I guess that’s all what really took with the character. I’m glad DiDio is honest and upfront with the why, just that for some fans (myself included) these legacy characters meant a lot to us. And phasing them out for the more “iconic” title bearer always didn’t sit well.

But enough talk from me, I already can feel at this moment you all are screaming and cursing DiDio’s name. Just remember folks, he is gone from being head of the company. THE EVIL has been defeated, all that’s left is his legacy.

And what is this man’s legacy? WELL…

Let’s just say there is a lot of LOWS. So many I made a nifty article out of it. And yes, there are still so many copies of these comics that can still be used as toilet paper. Perhaps that is DiDio’s true legacy: responsible for an infinite amount of toilet paper!


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